Oleg Cassini


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“To be well dressed is a little like being in love”- Oleg Cassini.

Oleg Cassini was a French-born American fashion designer. Cassini dressed numerous stars creating some of the most memorable moments in international fashion and film. Oleg Cassini’s designs for the First Lady, ‘The Jackie Look’ are recognized as being the “single biggest fashion influence in history” by film costume designer, Edith Head. Cassini’s contemporary designs such as the A-lineSheath and the Empire Strapless continue to remain influential and predominant today.[2] from Wikapedia

Hong Kong Tailors


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Vintage wool coat tailored in Hong Konghttps://www.etsy.com/listing/98979599/mod-60s-coat-white-coat-wool-coat?ga_search_query=white%2Bcoat

detailed hand stitching

Some of our vintage finds were tailored in Hong Kong. Beautifully sewn I decided to  see what I could find about these wonderfully made items. A style in the 50s was matching dresses and coats. Apparently you could actually draw out what you wanted and have it created in a a few days!


“Custom tailoring is also very popular and affordable in Hong Kong. You can draw out your own design for clothing and have it made in a few days. Although there are many Tailors in Hong Kong it is a profession in relative decline. ”  Here are a some of the interesting articles I found about Hong Kong tailors.











bespoke tailoring




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Hong Kong Bride


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Joanne from Hong Kong in her gown from http://www.ctmercantile.com

It’s always such an honor to be a part of a wedding. We’ve had the privilege of our vintage gowns being worn by several brides around the world. Joanne, from Hong Kong, just sent this photo. She looks exquisite and oh so happy! It’s always interesting to see who, in what part of the world, will want a certain style of vintage. This simple beaded dress is understated and lovely and looks perfect on Joanne.

I had the opportunity to be in Hong Kong for a few days once. It was fascinating! and there was so much good shopping- everything from antique Chinese to current goods. I loved watching the Chinese junks out on the water. All my life I’ve been intrigued by Chinese culture. Once when I was very young I made a little Chinese garden in a dish….and I loved the story Mom used to tell us of the Chinese lovers in the blue willow pattern on a plate. A sad and (probably not true) famous story.

My trip to Hong Kong occurred when I was spending a year in Taiwan teaching English. I remember Hong Kong feeling like the U.S. in comparison to the little town of Keelung, Taiwan, where I was living. It was Christmas time and I was missing home a bit when I visited there to renew my Visa. I found my self in a gorgeous shopping mall that had the same Christmas decorations as I had seen in Copley mall in Boston!- huge hanging snow flakes and ornaments…and every where people were speaking English. At any other time in my life Hong Kong would have felt excitingly foreign but that visit was like a 2 day trip home because of those little things as well as all the visitors from all over the world, which I was used to seeing in Boston. Someday I hope to return. Maybe I’ll run into Joanne- now that would be incredible!

Summer Brides


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Wedding clothes from http://www.ctmercantile.com

vintage gowns from CTMercantile.com