Welcome to CTMercantile. Here we share our passion for vintage and the eras and designers involved in the beautiful world of vintage clothing. When wearing a vintage item it may very well be one of a kind, and like you, truly unique. It is also a very lovely way of recycling and helping our environment.

Vintage clothing is often a work of art, whether it was designer created, custom-made or home sewn. There was a time when nearly every woman knew how to sew and carefully chose her fabric and patterns.

We love the international flavor of vintage the designers from the past from all over the world as well as our many international customers. It is always so much fun to find where someone is buying from and what they have chosen.

We hope you enjoy your visit. We will be constantly updating with fascinating info from the world of vintage. We hope you will share with friends, as community is what we are about. Be sure to come back soon! From time to time other interests will find there way here as well!


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