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It’s so much fun to hear from our customers all over the world. After a very sweet thank you for her wedding dress a bride from Norway wrote this fascinating letter about her summer wedding. Every wedding celebration is so unique. Here is part of her letter…

“Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. But I hope late is better than never.I have just used the dress once, and it was in our wedding in August this year (4th). It was really a wonderful day and we both remember it with a smile on our faces. The dress was delicate, simple but perfect! My husband really liked it.”

“We didn’t want to get married in a church since neither of us are what you call Christian. So, we decided to get married on a mole/breakwater in a village near our family. We thought it would be nice to get married by the sea. We got married by a judge from our town, Alta (north of Norway) which said ‘yes’ to travel there (takes about 1 hour by car from Alta).”

“My mother in-law surprised us: she had arranged this flag-archway which we went through after we had given our: ‘Yes’. There was also a man (part of the surprise) that played guitar and sang while we walked through..it was really nice.”

“After the photography we celebrated at the local camp (owned by the family). There we had dinner and cake/coffee in the old barn. It had been painted and made more like a big “room” some years ago. So we decorated it with flowers and twinned white “growth cloth/canvas” around all the pillars, and made some hanging curtains above the tables – which were almost the same height and size. Also the chairs were all different, because all the furnishings were things he had gotten for free from people. But the tables looked good with white cloth, sunflowers, plates, glasses and all the candles.

This made it all very cozy and gave a special feeling to the place. We had a live fire in the fireplace (it’s a bit cold in a barn), and we used a big old “American suitcase” for the beer and drinks – filled with ice of course.”

“For the main dinner we had reindeer meat

(with vegetables…) cooked in what we call a: cooking hollow. That means you dig a hole in the ground, warm up some rocks, wrap the meat for cooking and put it down in the hole with the really warm rocks under and over it, then you close the hole and let it cook for some hours – duration depends on the size of the meat.

Just to make it clear: this is not the usual way to cook meat, it’s a VERY old w

ay to cook  it..like in the stone age…before electricity *lol* But it gives a special fe

eling to it, and a bit more exciting also for the guests…

We had just main course, dessert and then cakes and coffee after the dancing. And all our cakes was decorated with real but edible flowers.
During dinner we had all the “normal things” like speeches and wedding/food/welcome/thank you songs, and the wedding gifts.”

“So, you see…it wasn’t a traditionally wedding…it was a bit “alternative”, but the perfect way to get married for us.”



norwegian bride