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Topaz Briolette Clear White Gemstone Faceted 3 D TearDrop Top Drilled 9.5mm Set of 2 Beads http://www.etsy.com/listing/84770302/topaz-briolette-clear-white-gemstone

Beads, those pretty little things made from glass, bone, wood, pottery, metal, coral, ivory, seeds, shells, pearls, amber, jet, and all kinds of jewels….so many uses for thousands of years. They’ve been used for money, for prayers, and most of all for decoration. Beads embellish clothing, shoes, purses, hair ornaments and of course jewelry.

Something about stringing beads into a beautiful necklace is so rewarding. I have a wonderful memory of sitting in my Dad’s trailer on a camping trip in the Puget Sound, stringing a necklace of colorful glass, listening to NPR on his old radio and watching as ferries went by the window in the rain. It was so cozy…not so much for Dad who was out in the weather fishing!

Recently in Anacortes, Washington I found an amazing 1970s leather jacket with fringe on the back and beautiful bead work- so much fun to wear! If you are ever there be sure to stop in at North Star on Commercial street.  I always thought it was only a T shirt shop until my brother took me in. Apparently he has been going there for years for vintage shirts.

Here are some fantastic beads and bead work items from etsy shops, including one from CTMercantile.