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I believe what I love most about having a vintage online shop are the connections and friendships made around the world. Lauren, a customer from Ontario, just sent me this adorable photo of her, taken in a dress she purchased from CTMercantile when we were just getting started. A little 70s wrap dress.

I love travel, it makes this planet smaller, friendlier and intensely interesting. I like the idea of being a citizen of the world rather than of one specific place. The sights and sounds in other parts of the world are often colorful, sometimes unusual, always fascinating. What I find most satisfying about travel, and learning about places I haven’t been to yet, is how we all are much more alike then we are different. The shop gives me a way to do more “traveling” then I otherwise would. Those emails and sales transactions are connections.  I love to hear from people in Canada, Singapore, Australia, Norway, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, every state here in the USA and so many other places.

Never having the pleasure of visiting Ontario I decided to do a quick google search and found that although English is the main language, in many towns French is spoken as readily as English. Toronto, just an hour from where Lauren lives, has the largest variety of performing arts and theater companies in Ontario and the second largest in North America, next to New York.  And this I found incredible…more then 100 languages and dialects are spoken in Toronto! – it is known as the most multi-cultural city in the world. Time to plan a trip…

sassy 70s

Lauren from Hamilton, Ontario Canada in a 70s wrap
dress from http://www.ctmercantile.com